Have a Look at Winter Formal Dress Trends

Winter Formal Dress Trends

With the winter months quickly approaching, it is time for you to pack away your light and airy Black Homecoming Dresses. Before you begin shopping for winter formal dresses, it is important to remember that you should choose a dress that is not only stylish, but warm. This general rule does not necessarily eliminate shorter dresses. If your legs are properly protected and through the use of layering techniques, shorter dresses can also be worn successfully. For the 2010/2011 season, many designers are experimenting with bold color palettes for dresses. These bold hues include colors like fuchsia, emerald green, electric blue, and red.

These bright color palettes are often commonly toned down with fashionable trench coats or other slimming jackets in neutral hues, like khaki or camel. This season’s trends are also remarkably cut, tailored, and form fitting. The most popular fabrics used for these dresses this season include jersey, jacquard and duchesse satin. Maxi dresses and dresses created from flowing material are definitely being considered fashion faux pas this winter. Some of the most visually appealing winter formal dresses are featuring a pattern known as color blocking. Color blocking is a technique where three or four harmonious, but contrasting, colors are used in the dress pattern.

One of the most popular color schemes for color blocked dresses this season is midnight blue, black, and grey. Most of these dresses are created from a knit material, which allows them to be warm enough to be worn without a jacket. Cashmere dresses were also prominently displayed in several designers’ collection for this season. Ideally, this type of dress should be worn with leggings or nylon stockings. Trends for this season have paired these dresses with long jackets. Most of the jackets feature fur in some capacity to trim the jacket. Similarly, most are being paired with boots on the runway.

Finally, another popular trend that features tweed dresses with feminine details, like bows and belts. Most of the tweed dresses feature a vintage, slim silhouette. The most common color palettes for these dresses include burgundy and royal blue. Woolen dresses have also made a modest splash on the runway. Most winter formal dresses are being featured with minimalist accessories. Following these guidelines, you are guaranteed to purchase the most fashion forward and practical piece for your formal.


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